Friday, 5 August 2011

Transparency masks in Illustrator and colour schemes

I have been working on adding texture in Illustrator in a less obvious way than simply using a texture swatch.  I found a good tutorial online and although the guys voice is slow and softly spoken, overall, I found it really helpful.

I am quite happy with the resulting texture, but I am currently trying to develop colour schemes.  This is what I've got so far..... really not sure about this colour scheme though...

I will keep going, and try out other colours, but I really need to hurry up and get this sorted, so I can move on to do some more background scenes!    

Reflecting on this post, it really looks as if I have been heavily influenced by the colour used in the YouTube tutorial!  I was totally unaware of this!  What I was originally influenced by were the designs that Hans Bacher produced for a childrens book, (shown in his book: Dream Worlds), the scenes are stunning and incorporate vibrant gradients of turquiose, blue and purple.  Here is one of the scenes from the book.  I was originally aiming for the turquoise, but my colours are nowhere near as vibrant.  I tried the deep purple, but it didn't seem to work with my image.

This doesn't quite reflect the deep purple gradient at the top, but you get the idea - simple, but gorgeous colours!

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