Friday, 12 August 2011

Playing with sound

Today I have been searching for sounds and found some interesting sounds effects, which are free and usable under the Creative Commons license.  I took them into Adobe Soundbooth to play with!  Although I have dabbled with Soundbooth, I have not yet tried to edit multitracks, but after a bit of faffing, I got to grips with it.  I recorded the poem in a female and male voice and added an ambient background track and a hollow wind sound effect.  I edited two tracks of the poem - one echoing the other to give it some depth and tweaked the sound levels.  The only thing that is missing is the 'ticking in the dark' because the ticking that I downloaded did not work with it at all, however much I edited and put effects on it, so I will have to search for a more effective ticking or record my own.

The tracks in Soundbooth
 I tried to upload the soundtrack, but Blogger strangely struggled with it.  I tried to upload it as a QuickTime soundtrack and a .wav, but to no avail.  I will have to ponder on a solution....

PS. I found the solution, pretty obvious really when I thought about it! - I will need to put the sound clip onto a host site and then I'll be able to put it into the blog.  I was searching for some hosting sites, but it was sidetracking me again, so I put that on hold.   

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