Friday, 5 August 2011

The joy of postal deliveries

I have to say that I am chuffed that Tony White (2D Animator/Director/Author) is following me on Twitter :D and I had another small moment of joy when some parcels came through the post today!  There is something so uplifting about receiving parcels in the post, I love it!  You cannot get the same pleasure from downloading from the Internet.... after the initial pleasure of getting software or music immediately when downloading - it becomes expected - not quite the same as ordering objects and then forgetting about them and the pure delight of them arriving at your door and the pleasure of opening them up to see what has arrived... I received The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, which I had ordered when I was really struggling with the basis of the storyline to my interactive animation.  I was hoping to be inspired, but I have now got the plan of the story sorted, thankfully, but I am sure the stories will be interesting.  I was disappointed with the state of this book - the first time I've been let down by an order from Amazon, but to be fair it was actually sent from World Books.  The whole book is scribbled over with annotations which makes it incredibly hard to read :( - but I also received Soft Cinema by Lev Manovich and Andreas Kratky.  Lev Manovich is pretty awe inspiring, so it should be good to view the dvd and read the book.  Soft Cinema was cited as inspirational to the Directors of Late Fragment (2007), so I definitely think it is worth a look.  I am tempted to take a peak now, but am trying desperately to keep focused on doing something constructive towards my final module.  

Soft Cinema

I also received the Summer edition of Imagine mazazine and have to admit to flicking through it, while taking a break for a coffee in the garden earlier.  There is an interesting article about Education strategies and how Higher Education animation courses are evolving - I did skim read it though, so will need to go back to it when I have less on my mind.... not sure when that will be! ;)

Oh well, I must get back to grappling with Illustrator....

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