Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Late Fragment - an interactive film

Late Fragment, which is designed for a DVD platform and presented as a live VeeJay’d performance theatrically, was shot in Toronto with an HD camera and recorded directly onto a digital card which went straight into the computer. The $1.3-million production involved a traditional filmmaking process as well as the creation and implementation of up to thirteen different digital tools to complete.

Notwithstanding the digital process, making a film that lets viewers interrupt the story at any time and switch to another scene while still following a three-act narrative structure also meant that a whole new way of thinking about cinema and story had to be invented. “Components, clicks, non-clicks, rabbit-holes and loops” were words that peppered the conversation in the edit suites.

I have been researching interactive narratives that are currently in the forefront of digital media and came across this interactive film. It looks complex, but interesting and the dvd is soon to be launched.

The question is asked 'what is interactive film?' and Tina Santiago (webmaster of the Late Fragment website), has this to say:
The future of cinema will not be defined by a single direction. Old genres will live alongside new genres. But it is increasingly becoming clear that at least one of these directions will take the form of cinema as some kind of participatory experience, where the audience of one or many may impact how a narrative unfolds itself over space or time. These new forms should not be reduced as simply “choose your own adventure” models but instead should be seen as the coming to life of post-modern preoccupations with multiplicity, diversity, open-endedness, spatial conceptions of self, and story puzzles explicitly expressed through interactive technology.

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