Saturday, 6 August 2011

Background Scenes

I am continuing to work on background scenes.  I was a little disappointed to find that after all the effort I put into creating a texture using a transparency mask in Illustrator, that when I imported the images into Flash there was an incompatibility with the mask!!

As you can see from the screenshot above, there was an incompatibility report within the import dialogue box!  Rather disappointing to say the least, when they are both Adobe products :( - looking on the positive side - its nice to be able to stretch the image without distortion, due to it being vector.  

I have been working on the second scene today and I am creating some polaroid photos that are pegged onto string within a room.  I have created the first one that has the number 2 on it, which will be clickable to take the user onto the next stage.

I went back into my comfort zone within Photoshop to create this - and I also manipulated a photo of some pegs in order to separate them with a transparent background so they can be used with the polaroids.

Took a while to remove the backgrounds, but hopefully they should look good.  I could have drawn these, but I want to utilise mixed media and not simply digitally drawn scenes.

I have some research on the meaning of numbers in order to justify the reason for specific numbers being important within the interactive narrative.  There are various meanings of number 2, depending on your culture, but in this instance it is a numerical representation of Karma.  Karma does not exclusively refer to destiny, but also to cause and effect.  Life is the result of choices and what can be done to change these if they are not pleasing.

Here are some of the symbolic meanings of 2 in Western terminology and Tarot:
  • Choice
  • Change
  • Judgement
  • Balance
  • Separation
  • Opportunity

These meanings are relative to the decisions that have to be made during the journey within the interactive narrative.
  The choice, changes and judgement of the user will impact on the balance and the continued separation of Kara, from the rest of the world.

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