Monday, 9 August 2010

Motion Tracking - After Effects

Been trying out motion tracking today - I found a tutorial on You Tube & thought how useful this would have been to use on an animation I was previously working on in Flash. I spent ages trying to put in a black shadow to look like a hole in a wooden stake that I wanted to have a creature pop out of. I had lots of problems because I hadn't used a tripod and consequently the footage was moving all over the place and to try to make the hole appear as if it was sitting on the wooden stake was just impossible and looked amateurish. I spent a lot of time trying to make it move with the footage using frame by frame!! I then deleted it because it looked so rubbish!

The motion tracking in After Effects is perfect for this problem, but I tried it out on the Flash animation and the tracker had a problem - I think it is because I have two sequences of footage within the same movie and it confuses it. A great feature though - I have come to the conclusion that I must keep learning techniques within After Effects, I need to do this while I've got a short window of time before getting back into prep for the new academic year that is looming.

Here is a Motion Tracking tutorial from YouTube. (Best viewed within YouTube).

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