Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Flash & After Effects

Forgot to mention that before I started on the non linear animation that I had been working through a Flash & After Effects book. It's a good book for Flashites who are trying to learn After Effects. Sparodically I have worked through the chapter tutorials that were appropriate to me. It is called 'Flash + After Effects' [Chris Jackson, Focal Press] and it's been helpful to me, as I'm new to After Effects. It comes with a DVD with all the Chapter files on it so that you can complete the tutorials. Below is the first tutorial that I completed from Chapter 1. Some of it is basic stuff, but it includes a range of techniques that are good to learn.

Below are a couple of other tutorials: one from Chaper 3 and one from Chapter 7. The Swashbuckler from Chapter 3 uses the puppet tool to create a sequence of png's to import into Flash and the Fairy (Chaper 7), uses parenting & Expressions and the bubble effect for the fairy dust.

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