Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Finally got a new scanner :)

Got a new scanner - not the one that I really wanted because it's too pricey, but the one I got does the job for now. At least I can finally upload some of the sketches from my sketchbook. Here are some of the ideas for the non linear animation. I drew a few pages based around eyes as I wanted to put an eye looking out from the Ten Bells pub ~ this is linked to a number of things such as;
  • the pub being so old and its as if its soul is watching all that goes on. 
  • Mary Kelly spent her last hours at the pub before 'Jack the Ripper' murdered her and the eye or the soul of the building is now keeping an eye on everything that passes it by. 
  • The eye has links to the 'Big Brother' outlook of this country - cameras watching you everywhere you go - to the point that they become almost invisible as we become less aware of them watching us....

This page of sketches has more connotations with the link to Jack the Ripper

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