Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Finding inspiration from Traci Bautista for my Prague journal

I have just returned from a College trip to Prague. We took the animation students to visit the Hafan animation studio (which was amazing...), the Mucha Museum and the Barrandov Film Studio. It was a great trip, albeit a bit of a whirlwind visit! We were told while we were at the visit to Hafan animation studio, that they do workshops to create puppets and a short stop motion animation - I did some searching online and found the details for these on the puppets in Prague website.

Hafan Animation Studio, Prague
Some gorgeous stop motion characters - Hafan Animation Studio

During the visit to the Mucha museum, I purchased a handmade journal and have been trying to create a journal of the visit. It has taken ages to get back into a creative vibe, and my first attempts at this were torn out by myself as the pages just did not do the trip justice - so today I have been trying to get some inspiration. I initially visited Danny Gregory's website and after lots of different links from various journal blogs and web pages I stumbled across Traci Bautista and felt truly inspired - this may have been due to me having an affinity with her style and also my wistful yearnings to be able to live a creative life as she does! Below is a picture of some of her artwork. 

Traci Bautista undertakes lots of 'Collage Unleashed Workshops', which she does all around the World. Below is a slideshow of some of the artwork created in her workshops.

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