Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some thoughts about the final module animation

Pondering thoughts:
  • The primary character could be waiting for someone to return
  • A secondary character could be edging them on to go out of the door to look for the missing character
  • The secondary character could be the one who ventures out on the primary characters behalf
  • The primary character is looking through the window - not wanting to go out through the door
  • The viewer needs  to sense the primary characters longing for the missing character
  • The primary character is solitary, continuously looking at the door
  • They could be suffering from agoraphobia...
Still trying to get some kind of structure ...... nowhere near yet! Here are the only sketches so far - they are ideas for houses in a cityscape based around the magic city line of the poem:

Go and open the door
Maybe outside there’s
a tree, or a wood,
a garden,
or a magic city

The image below is from a photo taken at Kentwell House. I liked the texture of the wall and found it inspiring for the interior of the house in the animation. I was thinking of adding an antique style key to the end of the string. I have removed the string from the background of the photo in Photoshop, so that it could be moved to sway on a hook to tempt the viewer to click the key and I can then add an interactive element. I will need to take it into Flash to play around with it.

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