Saturday, 3 December 2011

Creative yearnings...

After the full on August and part of September that I had working on my interactive animation - I have been creatively barren due to focusing on inspiring the students to be creative, which I hope to have been partially successful at - I cannot honestly say that 100% have the creative bug, but the ones that have are really buzzing and the others are at least working on it! It has been a very hectic term and it has absolutely flown by! I have lots of marking to do, reports have been written and I also recently applied for an additional post of Advanced Practitioner for our creative sector and amazingly I got the job, after a very nerve wracking interview - I must say, it has been a very busy and eventful year. Things will be even more hectic now, so I am looking forward to taking some time out over the Christmas break to get creative again!   

The only creative link that I have clung onto this term is my photography - I've been carrying my little Canon G12 everywhere with me. I took lots of photos at the Science Museum this week (I took the FdA degree students and the BTEC year 2's to the Science museum and the Natural History museum) - they were getting inspiration for an animation based upon Steampunk and I personally was inspired by so many objects up there - I should take time to go myself as it was rather rushed as I had to run from one museum to the other checking that everyone was ok and sketching for inspiration. I ended the afternoon by going to the Cafe with the FdA's and we sat on the observation gallery watching the skaters on the ice rink - I took some photos and the students did some movement sketches.... it was very festive :) - wished I could have stayed longer, but had to rush back to College for parents evening.

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