Saturday, 24 September 2011


I finally received the Autumn edition of Imagine magazine - I was going to ring them up today to ask when it will be posted; so was very pleased when it came through the door :).  I have been reading an article in the magazine about crowdfunding.  People who have trouble with getting funding for their animations and even app building are using crowdfunding sites due to finding it very difficult to get funding for their ideas.  The crowdfunding sites cut out the middle man and instead you can appeal to the masses via social media.  IndieGoGo is one of these sites.  It was launched in 2008 and has been successful in helping people to pitch and raise funds for their animations.  There is also a games apps website called Appbackr that suggests that it is 'the first crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps'.  This site helps app developers to find funders (called backrs) who can help with funding and to drive sales.  It is an interesting concept.  I have seen it being applied on animators own website, (Nina Paley gives the viewer the opportunity to make a donation to her, although her animation - Sita Sings the Blues is free to distribute using the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License), but these are dedicated sites for people to pay towards the production and as a reward (depending on how much they pay) they get attributed in the credits/get a free DVD of the film etc. You have to be able to commit the time to produce something pretty good, when these people are helping to fund it, and this could put more pressure on the creators!

It feels strange to be post-MA, but I am still anxiously waiting to find out my results.... will soon know whether to celebrate or if I'll need people to commiserate!?.....

On a more lighthearted note.... I liked this daft animation by The Brothers McLeod:

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