Monday, 2 May 2011

Planning folder

I've been trying to finish off my planning folder since Easter. I have been spending time reading 'Digital Storytelling' by Carolyn Handler Miller and also, (as recommended by Alan), 'Pause & Effect' by Mark Stephen Meadows and these have been very helpful, but have absorbed a lot of my time, along with the nagging voice in my head reminding me of all the marking I need to complete for work!

I finally created a Gantt chart to depict the planned timescales for the Masters project. I have not added any tutorials or symposiums as I have no schedule of these as of yet. It is a simple breakdown, but it is quite scary when you actually look at the timescale set out like this, as the time seems very short!

Masters Project Gantt chart

I have documented how I will record the planning and project documentation, but now need to demonstrate how I intend to provide evidence of delivering the project outcomes for assessment. I hope to complete this today, so am now going to review the Learning outcomes matrix. 

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